Pimp Costumes

The days of parties at pizza places with mechanized singing animals and men in giant rat suits are over. Contemporary get-togethers and costume parties thrown by adults have taken on a much more adult theme. Pimp and Ho costumes are great for a variety of occasions. Many times individuals will throw Player's Balls or other such themed parties in lieu of a more traditional party. Pimp and Ho outfits are not only good for adult Halloween parties, but for these kinds of festivities too.

Pimp Costume Ideas and Tips

When you want a blitz of bling this costume season, look no further than our hip pimp costumes! We offer a wide selection of full pimp disguises plus an assortment of essential pimp accessories! Our shiny faux gold tooth will leave you grinning ear to ear! While the attention is neck up, your fellow partygoers will require shades as they gaze upon the Old School Cable Necklace shimmering under the party lights! If the gold bling isn’t enough, knock fists with your best buds and our glitzy Dollar Ring to adorn your fingers! 

Go all out in cool style with our Zebra Men’s Platform shoes, a truly wild addition to your pimp ensemble! If solid silver is more your style, check out our mile-high Silver Pimp Adult Shoes. All the wealth in the world isn’t enough for the pimp in you, so you’re likely more than anyone to roll in the dough with our Big Daddy Money Boa! Make your entrance to the costume celebration in our extravagant Men’s Funky Leopard Costume! When you’re ready to pimp out, our pimp costumes and accessories will set you up for the night!

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