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Ahoy, Matey! Costume SuperCenter is the place to be to buy pirate costumes for men, women, kids, babies and even pets. We have a wide collection of swashbuckler costumes for everyone. Whether you are looking for Classic or Sexy, we've got hundreds of pirate costume styles to choose from! There are licensed items, too, like the Pirates of the Caribbean and Disney's Captain Hook costumes. For the ladies, dare to go bare in one our sexy branded pirate outfits from Playboy and Leg Avenue to name a few. Buy a pirate costume for kids and adults for Halloween today!

5 Legends: Pirates [Infographic]

Whether you're a savvy captain like Jack Sparrow or a sexy swashbuckler, there are a few things you should know about pirates. For instance, did you know that pirates didn't actually bury their treasure? Use this resourceful infographic from Costume SuperCenter about that and other Pirate Legends before you grab your pirate gear and throw on a bandana and eyepatch this Halloween!

Men's Pirate Costumes

Whether you're more like Blackbeard or Captain Hook, Men's Pirate Costumes are a surefire hit at your costume party this Halloween. With an eyepatch, cap and parrot, you'll have everyone saying Arrghh right along with you.

Women's Pirate Costumes

Steal the buried treasure and the hearts of every buccaneer you come across when dressed in a Women's Pirate Costume this October. From Sirens to Wenches to Deckhands, there are so many dashing styles from which you can choose!

Kids Pirate Costumes

Girls and Boys Pirate Costumes are staples of every October, and your sons and daughters can sport the classic, swashbuckling look while trick-or-treating. A black and red color palette with timeless pirate accessories will have them looking great while collecting their candy treasure!

Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

Aye, be ye ready to take command of the Black Pearl, the fastest ship on the seas? With these Pirates of the Caribbean costumes, you can dress like the famous Captain Jack Sparrow or any of the sea dogs from the franchise!

Shop Halloween Pirate Costumes On Sale At Costume SuperCenter

Climb aboard mateys and sail through pages of pirate costumes on our 100% secure website. You'll have smooth sailing as you find a treasure trove of swashbuckler outfits in adult regular and plus sizes as well as infant through teen sizes too. Join Blackbeard and dress up as a pirate for Halloween or go as a privateer to a high seas costume party. Shiver Me Timbers!Shop our huge selection of pirate costumes for adults and kids!

Find The Best Kids Pirate Costumes Online

Every child dreams of raising the Jolly Roger and living the pirate life. No landlubber parents to tell you what to do, no bed times and you get to eat all the trick or treat candy you plundered. It's no wonder kids pirate costumes are so popular for Halloween. Shop our great selection of toddler and children's pirate costumes today!

Adult Pirate Costumes For All Shapes And Sizes

Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs! The freedom to roam the high seas as a peg-leg buccaneer not only appeals to children but adults as well. Our super selection of pirate costumes for adults makes it easy to find an outfit for Halloween that looks good on you. You don't need to scamper up the rigging to the crow's nest to spot our low prices on pirate captain costumes, pirate wench dresses, and puffy pirate shirts too! If you're searching for something a little more adult, visit our sexy pirate costumes page. Every seadog knows you'll walk the gangplank if you forget to plunder the pirate accessories like a cutlass and eye-patch. Definitely don't forget the rum!

Buy Your Pirate Costume For Kids And Adults Today!

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