Plus Size 70's Costumes

In the 1970's bright colors and retro styles were in. This includes things such as go-go boots, short dresses, bell bottom pants and disco dresses for the women and an assortment of hippie to disco styles for the men. All these are available to purchase for any event and are still "hip" to wear to any costume occasion. These outfits are available for both ladies and gentlemen and will look too cool on either. Order a plus size 1970s costume online today!

70s Plus Size Costume Ideas and Tips

The 1970s was an unforgettable time in American history, with the outbreak of the Watergate scandal, anti-war protests and women’s rights dominating the political and social scene! Ordinary folks found refuge underneath the glittering disco balls! Garfield comics made its debut! Progressive rock, like the Rolling Stones, awed listeners! Most importantly, 70s fashion was an escape! This Halloween, get ready to revisit the sensational 70s with any of our amazing plus size 70s decade outfits for both men and women! Disco themed outfits essentially rule our 70s selections! Our Men’s Plus Disco Multi-Rainbow Shirt is a flattering choice for any gent! 

For guys with a flamboyant style, we offer a Men’s Plus Size Disco Purple Flame Shirt, with its shimmery, luxurious purple material and fiery patterns! Our selection would be incomplete without our Men’s Gold Glitter Disco Shirt! Ladies, our wide range of disco adult plus costumes are incredibly appealing to every shape and form! Take, for instance, our Women’s Plus DiscoLicious Costume, which is nothing less than enticing eye candy! Explore our 70s decade plus size costumes and dance the Halloween night away with authentic 70s style!

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