Plus Size 70's Costumes

In the 1970's bright colors and retro styles were in. This includes things such as go-go boots, short dresses, bell bottom pants and disco dresses for the women and an assortment of hippie to disco styles for the men. All these are available to purchase for any event and are still "hip" to wear to any costume occasion. These outfits are available for both ladies and gentlemen and will look too cool on either. Order a plus size 1970s costume online today!

Buy 70's Plus Size Costumes For Halloween

When looking to choose your perfect plus size 70's costumes, you should always consider which one would best suit your needs. There are many different options to choose from and you should first decide if you would like a sexy, funny or a serious look. Sexy plus size 1970's costumes would be any type of short dress from our selection.

Shop Our Super Selection Of Plus Size Disco Costumes And 70's Outfits

If men want a funny 70's suit then any of the disco shirts will make for a good start. They are meant to be serious because they are authentic Seventies styles, but one cannot help but laugh at the site of these cheesy styles.

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