Plus Size Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

With long lines of guards and performing dancers, the handsome Pharaoh sits at the very top as he gazes upon the masses that have gathered to worship him. The pretty gypsy has her lines and fans too: the gathered crowd stands in queue hoping to hear her read the cards, the stars and the crystal ball in order to predict the fate that lies in the future. Can you picture yourself in either of these scenarios, dressed in a plus size Egyptian or Arabian costume?

Plus Size Egyptian/Arabian Costume Ideas and Tips

No one is sexier and mysterious than the Queen of the Nile. You can be Cleopatra when you order from our selections of Plus Size Egyptian/Arabian Costumes. If queens are not your style, become an Egyptian goddess or an alluring Arabian woman. Nothing is more tempting than a woman of power or a woman of mystery, especially one who is dressed in one of our outfits. 

Made especially for curvy women, our styles will flatter you and transform you into an exotic lady from a faraway land. Pharaohs and sultans will bow down before you. Browse through our selections and pick then costume that is just right for you. Then check out our accessories that will make your look even more fabulous. The right jewelry, sandals and perhaps a crown or crystal ball, can really take your exotic look up a notch. We’ve got easy online ordering and fast shipping, so place your order today.

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