Pocahontas Costumes

Looking to get in touch with your inner Native American? Our Pocahontas Halloween costumes can help you do just that! Whether your goal is to find looks that will have you looking like a sexy squaw, a classic Indian Princess or a little of both you'll find plenty of Pocahontas products to suit your needs.

Disney Princess Box Office Stats [Infographic]

If you're looking to see the costs and returns on Disney Princess movies, some great statistics are just around the riverbend. Use this Box Office Infographic to see just how much the studio spent to create classic tales like Beauty and the Beast and Moana, and how much money they brought back from each of them. And don't forget to take a look at all of the great Disney Princess costumes you can find right here at Costume SuperCenter.

Disney Princesses: Five Facts [Infographic]

Costume SuperCenter's Disney Princesses five facts infographic is the easiest way for someone who's already a Disney fan to test their knowledge of the most iconic names in Walt Disney's magical world. From Snow White to Pocahontas to Jasmine, there's a costume for you, and some facts to learn!

Buy A Pocahontas costume For Halloween

If you are looking for a bit more modesty in your Pocahontas costume, our Womens' elite Indian Maiden is a great choice. This outfit has beautiful fringe details, printed beadwork, and accessories that include fringe boot tops, belt, arm band, choker, and headpiece.

Find The Best Pocahontas Costumes Online From Costume SuperCenter

Although there are many accessories already included in our Pochahontas Halloween costumes you can truly stand out from the tribe by experimenting with a few more. 

Shop for Your Pocahontas Dress And Costume Accessories

With our Plus Sized Pocahontas Costumes, no woman gets left out of the tribe. Girls with curves can choose from our accessories, like a colorful beaded neckline in turquoise, yellow, red and white and a long sleeved shrug with fringe, or our Sexy Tribal Indian Princess which features a tan fringed minidress, accessorized with a headpiece and battle axe.

Pocahontas Costume Ideas and Tips

Paint with all the colors of the wind and become one with nature when you embody Disney’s Pocahontas for your next Halloween. The real Pocahontas was a colonial-era Native American woman who was associated with the early settlement of Jamestown, Virginia. The daughter of chief Powhatan, she saved the life of Englishman John Smith, voiced by Mel Gibson in the Disney animated classic. We understand you may not be going for historical accuracy, and that’s why we have officially licensed Disney Pocahontas Halloween costumes that you’ll love. 

We recommend wearing a comfy pair of sandals or ballet flats with your Native American ensemble and, if it’s going to be a little chilly, layering with flesh-toned leggings. Accessories your costume with a long black wig, and you’ll be ready to party in style. To get the whole family in on the fun, pick up a Native American chief costume for your significant other and raccoon and hummingbird costumes for the little ones so they can dress like Pocahontas’s pals Meeko and Flit. Warm up your vocal chords; you’ll be singing “Colors of the Wind” in no time!

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