Poison Ivy Costumes

Poison Ivy costumes for women and girls are great for Halloween. Are you getting ready for a costume bash and looking for the most tasteful outfit, but not too sure where to look? Perfect! We have the best costumes on the internet, so these Poison Ivy costumes are no different.  Transform yourself this year! Your beautiful green leaves can be sexy, but still give a stern message of “beware.” How awesome would it be to walk into a bash looking perfect? Buy a Poison Ivy costume today!

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We've Been Talking About Poison Ivy on Our Blog

Poison Ivy Quotable Poster

Batman’s foe, and sometimes ally, Poisin Ivy has been growing in popularity since her first comic book appearance in 1966. Between the printed page, the animated version and the feature film portrayals, we gathered some of her best quotes to show off her prickly personality.

Five Facts: Poison Ivy [Infographic]

In June of 1966, the world was introduced to a notorious eco-terrorist  named Poison Ivy who tempted Batman into a relationship full of budding romantic tension. In the 50 years since, she’s evolved into one of Arkham Asylum's most notorious residents, and you can learn more about her with these Five Facts.

Arkham Asylum: 8 Infamous Residents [Infographic]

Catwoman and The Joker might be Batman's most infamous foes, but there's another poisonous pariah that the guards of Arkham Asylum are familiar with. Poison Ivy has had Batman lusting after her for some time, and if you're looking to dress in green at your next comic convention, you should learn more about her and her cellmates with this Arkham Infographic.

Ideas For Poison Ivy Costumes

Poison Ivy Women's Costumes

DC Comic fans know Pamela Isley as another name: Poison Ivy. Once a love interest for Batman, she evolved into a formidable foe and powerful villain. Show off your power with one of these women's Poison Ivy costumes.

Poison Ivy Girls' Costumes

Pamela Isley was once, just like all of us, a little girl. So naturally, there are costume options! Check out the wide selection of Poison Ivy girls costumes to perfect your Halloween look!

Poison Ivy Makeup And Hair Tutorials

Poison Ivy Inspired Makeup Video

Looking for some inspirational ideas for your Poison Ivy Halloween costume look? Check out this botanical make up video from Jordan Hanz and learn how you can do your makeup to make your Ivy costume really unique and beautiful.

Poison Ivy Hair & Makeup

No Batman botanical beauty outfit is complete without a dramatic red hair style. Hair stylist and YouTuber Jbunzie shows us how to style your hair for your Ivy costume this Halloween. If you're not blessed with Ivy's Red hair you can always get a Poison Ivy wig.

Poison Ivy Couples Costume Ideas

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

Ivy and Harley have teamed up on many occasions throughout the Batman comics and cartoons. These Gotham City Sirens are the best of friends (maybe more?) Grab your best friend and take over the streets wearing these Dark Knight themed couples costumes for Halloween or Comic Con.

Batman & Poison Ivy

Batman's Rogues Gallery consists of a wide variety of powerful villains. Few are deadlier or more seductive than the botanical beauty, Poison Ivy. Use your alluring essence to lure your Dark Knight into going with a Poison Ivy and Batman couples costume theme. If your tempting invite doesn't convince him, vines work too!

Poison Ivy Costume Ideas and Tips

Make every other Halloween party goer green with envy when you saunter in dressed like the sultry Poison Ivy. As a Gotham City botanist - and notorious supervillain - she’s known for protecting endangered species, as well as teaming up with fellow antiheroes Catwoman and Harley Quinn. The two most important colors in any Poison Ivy costume are red and - of course - green, and we have all of the costumes and accessories that DC Comics fans of every age need to pull together the perfect Poison Ivy ensemble. Little girls will love these officially licensed DC Comics Poison Ivy costumes, which feature green dresses with cute ivy accents. 

We also carry a variety of women’s Poison Ivy costumes, and whether you’re searching for something more sexy (like a sleek, skin-tight bodysuit, mini-dress or leotard with thigh-high, lace-up green boot covers) or something a little more modest, we have what you’re looking for. No matter how young or old you are, put the finishing touches on your look with a red Poison Ivy wig. Be sure to get the whole family in on the fun, too - DC Comics makes it easy for your family and friends to emulate other characters, like Batman, the Joker, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Poison Ivy Cosplay Tutorial

There's no vixen as villainous as Pamela Lillian better known to Batman fans as Poison Ivy. Her unique immunity to plant toxins is a power that she uses as a secret weapon. Using her seductive looks to set the trap, her poisonous kisses are deadly. But her motives will leave you scratching your head. She just wants to live in a world where all life, especially plants, are treated fairly and that's why she uses her knowledge to rage war against those exploiting natural resources. Batman sees the humanity in her, and she might just pity his tragic childhood. Their attraction is undeniably mutual but it can never be. How could a relationship ever work between a hero and an Arkham Asylum inmate? But that doesn't mean women won't love dressing up as this fierce female. Follow along with this Poison Ivy cosplay tutorial to create a vexing costume of your own.

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