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It is something we all do, rarely talk about but apparently text a lot about it. It’s Poop and it has become one of the most popular emojis. We are the most popular place to buy costumes and we have a plethora of poop costumes and that are all selling at low prices so order your Poop Costume today.

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Want to be Poop for your next costume party? We can make it so. We have Poop Halloween costumes for both kids and adults. Choices include a brown body costume that covers you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Others are brown tunics with a space for your face. Still others are oversized poop masks or hats.

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Emojis, which are used in texting and social networking apps, have become so successful that they have spawned their own movie. Sir Patrick Stewart, an esteemed actor who was knighted by the Queen of England, will voice Poop. Stewart brings cultivation and class to the character. Like many actors, Stewart had many fans, but some detractors. His critics described his acting as s*&t, now Sir Patrick is proving them right.
Want to be a poop emoji for Halloween?

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Crap, feces, dung, number 2, doodoo, poopie, stool, BM, excrement, whatever you call it, poop is funny. If you find yourself sending out the poop emoji a lot, then you need a Poop Halloween costume. Order it online from us today.

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