Poop Costumes

It is something we all do, rarely talk about but apparently text a lot about it. It’s Poop and it has become one of the most popular emojis. We are the most popular place to buy costumes and we have a plethora of poop costumes and that are all selling at low prices so order your Poop Costume today.

Poop Costume Ideas and Tips

Instead of being a party pooper this Halloween, be a party poop! As any middle schooler knows, poop jokes are lots of fun and it’s something that is always funny, no matter how old you are. That’s why our Poop Costumes are such a big hit. It’s not often that we sing the praise of someone who is number 2, but poop is an important number 2! 

Usually if you want poop, you need to eat vegetables and other high fiber foods. But we’ve made it easier. Our poop is more fashionable and it is odorless. And when you put it on, you can tell everyone that your poop doesn’t stink. Poop wasn’t always so well thought of, but once it became an emoji, it became incredibly popular. Everyone loved sending a poop to a friend via text or posting it on social media. Now you can post a photo of you as poop. That will be so much fun. Order it now.

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