Pope Costumes

There are few figures as well respected as the pope. You can have that respect, at least for a little while, when wear a Pope Halloween Costume. Our outfits might not be the real thing, but they look just like the vestments the pontiff wears. You don’t need the riches of Rome to afford them. Order from us at our everyday low price.

Pope Costume Ideas and Tips

His holy pontiff is not known for hanging out at Halloween parties, but it looks like he is having a great time dancing to the beat. Wait a moment, that is just you dressed in a Pope Costume. 

The Bishop of Rome is the leader of the Catholic Church and the most important priest. The pope’s everyday clothes are a simple cassock, a red cape called a mozzetta and a skull cap called a zucchetto. When dresses to say mass, he will wear his papal robe covered by a chasuble, or papal poncho. On his head he wears a mitre hat. Often he will carry a staff and he always wears a ring, call the ring of the fisherman, so be sure to check out our selection of accessories for add-ons to your look. Hold mass and serve some wine this Halloween. You will be the hit of the party. But first order some papal vestments from us.

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