Powerpuff Girls Costumes

Purchase a Powerpuff Girls costume for Halloween and your child can pretend to fight Townville’s grumpiest villains. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are made of Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice, and the special Chemical X and now your kid can be a hero like them too!  Buy your Powerpuff Girl outfit today!

Powerpuff Girls Costume Ideas and Tips

Fighting crime. Trying to save the world. These PowerPuff Girls are coming right in time for your Halloween or cosplay party! There’s Blossom, the commander and leader. Blossom, the joy and laughter. Buttercup, the toughest fighter … let your child become one or all. Mix and match for an adorable theme ensemble. 

Or add these officially licensed PowerPuff Girls costumes to your child’s dress up wardrobe for some day-saving fun. These fit and flare dresses come in a variety of styles. Opt for a sparkling ensemble that glitters from head-to-toe. Or pick up a layered tutu dress that’s full of sugar, spice, and just a little bit of Chemical X. Goggles provide those huge, anime eyes fans of the PowerPuff Girls know and love. And don’t forget to check out our affordable collection of PowerPuff Girls costume accessories to bring your child’s ensemble to the next level. Deluxe wigs with brightly colored, glittering bows are a fantastic way to top off your child’s ensemble. Shop for officially licensed PowerPuff Girls costumes and accessories for children online now.

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