Priest Costumes

Pray now with these brilliant Priest Halloween costumes. The priest comes with a white clerical Hail Mary collar and a full-length black robe. This look will make you Father of the party at your next Halloween bash. Have fun taking confessions from all of the girls! A string of Jumbo Rosemary Beads can be added to multiply the blessings and have more fun. Watch the Vampires flee in horror as you exorcise them.

Buy A Priest Costume For Halloween

The stylish priest's black robe and clerical collar comes in one size that fits men who wear up to a 44 jacket. Our costumes are fun, easy and comfortable to wear. Watch and laugh at all the hot masks and running face paint as you enjoy your Halloween night in perfect comfort. Accessorize the cassock and make it your own with Round Eyeglasses or the Holy Hammered Drink Book. If you need to be outside and it turns out to be one of those frigid October 31st nights you won't have any problem staying toasty under your robe. Or make it a couples costume and have your significant other buy a nun costume. The priest is also fabulous because you can easily wear it to any other party. Unlike so many Halloween outfits this isn't strictly Halloween attire - take this to fancy dress parties, Mardi Gras parties, costume parties - your aunt Mildred's wedding... Frighten your Jewish mother when you go home for Spring Break. The gags are endless and the best part is that you can do it all in comfort and in style!

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