Animated Props & Decorations

With the new Halloween season just around the corner, we have a brand new selection of Animated Props for Halloween to bring your haunted house and Halloween party to life. Designed with the latest in motion technology these spine tingling props will give your party a style unlike anyone has ever seen. Animated Props are a great way to scare your friends and neighbors who come knocking on your door looking for candy.

Take a look at our selection and we guarantee your skin will begin to crawl. We have hanging skeleton, ghost, and witch decorations that when you turn them on will swing back and forth and light up. We also have full body props of haunting figures such as the grim reaper, witches, and vampires that will give your trick or treaters a good scare. These props are made with great care and designed with the latest in motion technology, so you know that when you use them for your Halloween party or haunted display you'll get everyone in frightful mood for the season. These props can easily be hung in the tree in your front yard, or propped up next to the door. What is so great about decorating with these props is that they give you the creative freedom to set up them up in a display of your choosing. Simply set them up, turn them on, and let the terror begin!

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