Body Parts Props & Decorations

"I've had this weird feeling around my ear," you might say as you reach back, shrilly yell, and pull away a fake ear pulsating with blood. That, my friend, is a totally acceptable use of one of our numerous bodies and body parts props. We've got all your body parts covered, or rather, uncovered and separated from your body. Check out the various arms we have, fitting both left and right sides. A severed foot is always a good conversation starter, especially if you can make people doubt its validity. Severed heads are a popular addition, too, especially the full costumes that make it seem like your head is cleanly cut off. Leatherface would be proud.

Body Parts Props & Decorations Ideas and Tips

Need a hand with your Halloween decor? Get a head this Halloween season with our affordable collection of spooky body part props and decorations. With low prices like these, your Halloween decor doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. OK, that’s enough with the body part puns. 

But, seriously, this collection of terrifying body part props and decorations is a horror movie lover’s dream. Go piece by piece with a single bone here, a severed foot on a chain there. Or pick up an entire bag of faux body parts. From creepy, black body bags to cages containing severed heads, you’ll love this eerie collection. Whether you’re creating your perfect seasonal vibe or inviting over friends and family to tour your own haunted house, you can’t go wrong with this affordable collection. So, give us the thumbs up and check out our collection of affordable body part props and decorations online today.

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