Horror Props & Decorations

If you are looking for something to take your Halloween party into the terrifying stratosphere, then look no further than our vast collection of horror props. These thrilling accessories are fantastic at setting a grisly mood, as you can lay out decrepit body parts, demonic babies, and more across your party floor, or even just around the house if you like having things be more scary than usual. If you want a zombie or an evil pumpkin, we've got you covered. It will all be a scream, like one you've never ever fathomed before.

Horror Props & Decorations Ideas and Tips

Big scares and spine tingling chills are the reason for the Halloween season. Whether you want to invite all your friends over a spooky haunted house, or just enjoy the decor, you’re going to need some creepy swag. So, check out our horror props and decorations and create a truly terrifying scene in your yard or home. Create an eerie witches’ coven with our witch statue with her crystal ball or the matching swinging witch. 

Check out our collection of ground breakers, including Dracula, a spooky skeleton, and the officially licensed Joker and create a horrifying cemetery motif in your haunted yard. Or check out our butcher props and axes or clown arms and hanging clown props to create a haunted farm or circus theme. Loving your horror props? Don’t stop here. Mix and match with our indoor decorations or our collection of graveyard or body part props to create a show stopping display that will have your friends spooked in no time. Shop for your horror props and decorations online now.

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