Rodents & Animals Props & Decorations

Puppies and kittens might be cute and cuddly, but our selection of scary animal props are made to terrify! This is the time for monsters and ghouls. Typical critters associated with the holiday include cats, rats, spiders, and werewolves. We have plenty traditional Halloween animal props and a few you might not have considered before. All of them are guaranteed to add something eerie to your event!

Rodents & Animals Props & Decorations Ideas and Tips

Watch out! This collection of scary animal props and decorations is about to invade your space. Creepy, crawly spiders and red-eyed rats will add a terrifying vibe to your holiday decor. Hang a bunch of bats from your ceiling and create your very own scary flock of flying rodents. 

Or create an army of zombie pets with our zombie dog and undead rabbit props. Mix and match with traditional Halloween decor like spider webs and chains. Or check out our cemetery and body part prop collections to create a unique theme that’s sure to capture the attention of the entire neighborhood this Halloween! Pick up one of your favorite creepy animal props or order a bunch to create a pack of rabid rodents. The choice is totally yours. Don’t feel like decorating your home for this spooky holiday? No worries! Pick up some rats, roaches, or snakes and accentuate your horrifying Halloween costume instead! Shop for scary animal props and decorations online now.

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