Pictures & Signs

After putting so much time and effort into sprucing up your lawn and home to create a haunted house, you don't want people getting lost along the way. Buy one or more of these Halloween pictures and signs, and everyone will know the horror they are about to get into. No matter what ghastly creature you have hanging up outside of your house or lurking around inside, there is a sign that will let the terror that waits ahead be known. Lord, help any poor soul that decides to ignore these words of wisdom and step into your home. Props and decorations like pictures really set the mood for your party

Place fear in the hearts of the little trick or treaters this Halloween. Make them wonder if there is more than just candy waiting for them. Will there be a zombie on the other side of the door or a bowl of goodies? Setting that fearful question in their minds is the trick you will give them with the treat. Be the fun neighbor, who throws parties, and decorates for people to have something cool to look at. If you have everything set up for the season and think things are as frightful as they are going to get, then think again. These scary signs are the finishing touches, like icing on the cake. Any Halloween party or haunted house needs a good atmosphere to help get the festivities started.

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