Skulls & Skeletons Props & Decorations

Add some scary decorations to your event with our skeleton props. Bones and monsters are a fun and spooky part of Halloween. Whether outdoors or indoors, a creepy skeleton decoration can add some classic holiday fun to your home. The Halloween horrors start outside your home on the front lawn and your porch step. A crawling zombie bursting from the ground or other groundbreaking props will look great scrambling over your yard. These monsters are designed to sit on top of the grass and look like they are clawing out of the ground.

A tombstone backing or cobwebs can help make this look more realistic. Hanging or standing skeletons are another style you can add to your Halloween decor. Ghostly creatures with skull faces and wispy cloaks create an eerie look. These items can be hung from a hook on your porch or attached inside your party space. Grim reapers and monster bones are a fun twist to plain cadavers. Skeletons are made from tons of different parts. Skulls, bones, and other body parts can be just as fun as a whole body, and they are much easier to use in tight spaces. Place a skull or two on your snack table, around your candy dish, or at other surprising locations. A foot left on your footpath is a subtle yet entertaining skeleton that you can use to scare visitors. Add a cage of bones, tombstones, and mad scientists lab equipment to your bony props to make for a unique setup.

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