Pumpkin Costumes

Pumpkins are one of the main symbols of autumn and Halloween! So carving out your own pumpkin costume is a no-brainier. Embrace your fall celebratory side this year with a traditional jack o lantern costume appropriate for the whole family. Purchase your adult or kids Pumpkin costume today!

Pumpkin Costume Ideas and Tips

One of the best things about autumn is all the pumpkins. They are a beautiful orange color that add deep colors to fall decor. The seeds are tasty and pumpkin pie is yummy, of course, but the best pumpkins become Jack o’ lanterns. And, of course, everyone looks forward to the Great Pumpkin’s visit on Halloween. Our Pumpkin Costumes are great fun too! 

After you carved artwork into your pumpkins, dress your infant as an adorable baby Jack o’ lantern. Make sure you get photos for all the relatives! Toddlers and older kids can dress as Jack o’ lanterns too. When dressing your family for Halloween, don’t forget your best friend. Order an outfit for your pet. Prefer a scary Halloween costume? Order a scary pumpkin costume; we have styles available in both adult’s and child’s sizes. Whatever your pumpkin preference, we have something for you and it’s available at an affordable price.

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