Queen Costumes

We boast a great collection of Queen Costumes that everyone can find something they love while browsing through. Historical, fairy tale, and fantasy characters are always a favorite choice when Halloween rolls around and our selection of regal dresses cross many themes, styles and looks. All of our queen ensembles are eye catching, stunning, and a lot of fun to wear. Buy a queen costume for Halloween online today!

Queen Costume Ideas and Tips

Long live the Queen! This Halloween, reign over your subjects while dressed in one of our splendid Queen Costumes. We have stunning dresses in both girls’ and women’s sizes. The masses have always been fascinated by rulers. Folktales tell stories of great and beloved monarchs who ruled wisely as well as evil kings and queens who met their doom after clashing with a hero. 

Many of our styles are based on these classic tales and feature beautiful ball gowns with ruffles, lace and gilded stitching. While ball gowns are incredibly popular, that is not all we have. We also carry kimono style dresses for an Asian princes and native American styles for an Indian princess. Cinderella has always been in style so of course we have several Cinderella costumes for sale, including high end designer styles that would fit right in at any ball. Beautiful blue and silver ice queen costumes are popular as well.

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