Raccoon Costumes

Your favorite forested friends are very well represented in Costume SuperCenter's huge selection of raccoon costumes for the entire family! Go with a cute raccoon inspired outfit for Halloween with simple black eye mask, dress your infant up fluffy and furry, or take off and fly with the Super Mario Brothers famous raccoon look! Check out our entire selection of raccoon costumes and accessories, including face makeup, and order yours today.

Raccoon Costume Ideas and Tips

Raccoons are called thieves of the animal world. The black markings around their eyes make them look like little bandits. Transform into one with help from our large selection of Raccoon Costumes for adults, tweens, kids and infants. Dress in our one of our costumes, which all have the classic black and gray striped pattern that everyone will recognize, especially if you also have a long tail. 

To complete your look, wear a mask or use some black face makeup – available in our accessories’ section – to create markings around your eyes. Choices include playful animal outfits as well as licensed Super Mario Brothers sets so you can look like Mario and Luigi when they have special raccoon powers. Who is your favorite raccoon? Is it Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket? Pocahontas’ Meeko? Or perhaps it will be your child while dressed in one of our adorable infant costumes. We have so many to choose from. Browse through our selections and order yours today.

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