Rainbow Costumes & Accessories

Are you looking for the perfect accessory to go with you colorful personality? We have everything you’re looking for from rainbow to Tie dye. These bright colors will help you stand out in a crowd and you can use these awesome additions to complete your DIY Rainbow Brite costume. These brightly colored accessories are perfect for turning any costume into a beautiful fantasy.

Rainbow Costumes & Accessories Ideas and Tips

Bluebirds and dreams fly over the rainbow. Now you can too with help from our Rainbow Costumes & Accessories. Being colorful can be so much fun. When you see a rainbow, you have to be cheerful and we can help you create a cheerful costume. Start with a wig, we have several for men, women and kids. 

They may be long, short, curly or straight. Some are clown wigs, others are feature unicorn horns. But they all have one things in common, lots of color. Red, violet, orange, indigo, yellow, blue and green. Everybody needs a touch of color. Put on rainbow striped socks, bow tie or sequined skirt. Maybe you would like to wear a tutu, a hat or a mask. Just think color, color, color. Great for Halloween, parades any time of the year and for photo booths at parties. Pick out all your accessories and checkout using our easy online ordering system today.

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