Red Coat Costumes

Attempt to put an end to the revolution in our Red Coat costumes. The British Empire unleashed its troops in the American colonies in an attempt to take it all back. These soldiers all wore distinctive bright red coats. Find a variety of different styles on our website and options for both adults and children to wear. These are all in great shape since none of them were worn during the 1700’s. Buy a redcoat costume for kids and adults online.

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The British are coming and marching down the streets of every major colonial settlement! They are often called lobsters by Americans for their bright appearance. It even makes them more noticeable during the heat of the Revolutionary War. While they end up losing in the end, you can still have fun portraying the British forces. Pick out one of the Red Coats costumes for theater performances, Halloween parties, and other events.

Find a Red Coat costume for kids and adults for school or Halloween

Cross an entire ocean and land in the colonies while dressed in our Red Coats uniforms. They are all very classy in appearance and should be great for getting into character. Add various accessories and toy weapons to complete your Red Coat costume. If you are set to go to war, do it in style with any of our high quality redcoat costumes at a low price.

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