Red Coat Costumes

Attempt to put an end to the revolution in our Red Coat costumes. The British Empire unleashed its troops in the American colonies in an attempt to take it all back. These soldiers all wore distinctive bright red coats. Find a variety of different styles on our website and options for both adults and children to wear. These are all in great shape since none of them were worn during the 1700’s. Buy a redcoat costume for kids and adults online.

Red Coat Costume Ideas and Tips

The Red Coats are coming! The Red Coats are coming! And they are looking pretty fashionably dressed in our Red Coat Costumes. A few centuries ago, the British army was known for its red uniform and thus got the nickname of Red Coats. When the colonies broke off from Britain and start the revolution, “The Red Coats are coming” was the warning heard when the British Army was marching into battle with the Yanks. 

Since then, the two countries have become great friends and the former colonies have grown to love the colorful fashion sense of the army of old. Browse our selection of costumes in both boys’ and men’s sizes, and check out related accessories, which include wigs, hats and prop swords and rifles. These are fun outfits for Halloween, of course, and will also look great at any costumed events. Anglophiles unite and order a British red coat costume from us today.

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