Red Power Rangers Costumes

It’s morphing time, so you better have the right outfit to put on. You need a Red Power Ranger Halloween costume. We have many to choose from. Most feature a red jumpsuit inspired by the superhero franchise.

Red Power Rangers Costume Ideas and Tips

Go, go Power Ranger! It is morphing time, so you’d better get dressed in one of our Red Power Rangers Costumes. The Red Ranger is the most iconic member of the team, which features colorful ninja heroes fighting villains such as Rita Repulsa. They have been around for 25 years and are as popular as when they first hit TV screens in the early 1990s. Parents who watched the show as kids now watch it with their own children. 

On most teams, the red ranger in the leader. Sometimes he is the hot-headed rookie instead. Sometimes he is both. The red ranger in the first series was Jason Lee Scott, played by Austin St. John. In the 2017 movie he was played by Dacre Montgomery. Brody Romero (played by William Shewfelt) is the current Red Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Our selections include costumes in adult and child sizes and include licensed costumes based on the classic Red Ranger, the 2017 movie, Power Ranger Ninja Steel and more.

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