Religious Costumes

The Bible contains some of the greatest stories ever told. The characters are men, women and Heavenly spirits that tell the stories from which all Judeo-Christian religions are based. Our Biblical costumes can represent any person from the Old or New Testaments. From Moses to Mary you will find a religious look for men, women and children. Use them at home, church or temple to share the word of God in a dramatic way. Buy your religious costume online today!

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Religious Costume Ideas and Tips

This Halloween, instead of wearing a scary costume that might frighten kids, why not wear an inspirational costume instead? We have just the inspiration you need. It’s our selection of Religious Costumes. Rabbis, nuns, priests, popes, saints and more are available in adults’ and children’s sizes. We even have a few costumes for pets too. Halloween is the day before All Saints Day, an important Christian holy day, so wearing a biblical or religious outfit makes a lot of sense. 

Not only can our outfits can be on Halloween, they can be worn on many religious holidays during the year as well. Check out our Moses costumes for Passover and Jesus garb for Easter. Many of our religious robes are versatile and can be used for a Passion Play on Good Friday, an event on Purim or a Christmas pageant. Other costumes that can be used on Halloween or Christmas include shepherds, Mary, Joseph, wise men and angels. No matter the holiday, we have what you need, so order today.

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