Robin Costumes

Personally add more prestige to the term sidekick this Halloween with a Robin costume. Batman’s famous sidekicks are talented heroes that face danger at a moment’s notice. Now you can embody that heroic spirit with low prices! Buy your colorful Robin costume for adults or kids today!

Robin Costume Ideas and Tips

Holy dress-up Batman! There are so many choices of Robin Costumes that we do not know where to start. Robin has been the sidekick to Batman for more than 75 years. The first and most well-known Robin is Dick Grayson. He went on to become the hero Nightwing and new Robins took his place, including Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne. 

Our large inventory reflects Robin’s rich history. Selections range from a simple mask and cape set to collector’s editions that will make you the envy of everyone at the comic convention. Licensed designs include costumes for men, women, boys, girls, toddlers, infants and pets. They are based on Robin from classic comic books, classic 1960s live action TV series, animated series and movies including Young Justice and Teen Titans, and even the Lego Batman movie. Girls’ selections include tutu dresses that are oh so cute, while men’s selections include muscle chests suits from the dark Arkham video game series.

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