Rosie The Riveter Costumes

Nothing says Girl Power like a Rosie the Riveter outifit! Costume SuperCenter's huge selection of costumes is here to make you feel like you're putting in the work this Halloween. Tie up your bandana and grease up your hands because there's Rosie the Riveter costumes for adults and kids, so you'll be able to show up and get work done. The shipping is as fast and reliable as her work, so don't worry about getting your costume this Halloween!

Find The Best Rosie The Riveter Costumes For Girls And Women

Rosie the Riveter is here and she's ready to get some work done. While the boys are away, the girls get to work! Join the ranks this year with a Rosie the Riveter costume for Halloween form Costume SuperCenter. Girls have the power, and nobody represents that quite as well as Rosie does. There's tons of metal to weld and machines to be worked, and somebody's got to do it! When World War II broke out women showed that they can do just as much, if not more, than men can. Grease up your elbows and get ready to work in your Rosie the Riveter costume and show the boys how it's done!

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