Russian Costumes

There are a variety of Russian Halloween costumes to choose from. Aside from personal preference the deciding factor will usually depend upon whether or not you have someone dressing in the same theme as you. If you're dressing up with a spouse there are just about as many options as if you were doing it individually. Russian Cossack costumes make you look like a traditional dancer from Russia. It is instantly recognizable and a great way for a couple to coordinate their Halloween theme, which is a great idea for anyone attending a party.

There are quite a few outfits available that can help make you the life of any party. When it comes to a Russian costume the only difficult thing is choosing the right one for you. If you don't want to be the stereotypical pirate, zombie, witch, or ghost then this is a great way to stand out and be original.

There are individual costumes for men and women as well. Russian Palace Guard features the traditional hat and attire that looks antiquated enough that it will seem like you just stepped out of a time machine. Some are designed to be sexier than historically accurate, but they are also recognizable as Russian and can be a hit at any Halloween costume party. Consider that you don't necessarily have to dress for your particular gender on this night either. Of course finding a women's outift big enough for a man may be difficult, but will definitely end up being the most hilarious thing around.

There are some other Russian costumes that are also quite popular. Some other options include a matryoshka Doll (commonly referred to as stacking dolls) and Rasputin. Stacking doll, or matryoshka costumes are perfect for women and children and are sometimes also called Russian nesting dolls or babushka dolls. Rasputin is perfect for that tall menacing looking man. Rasputin was controversial in his time and makes a perfect icon for resurrecting around Halloween time. This is the kind of costume that will have them talking for several future Halloweens.

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