Saloon Girl Costumes

The saloon is smoky and the lantern light is dim. A lonesome piano player tickles his ivory keys in the corner as every cowboy and banker anxiously awaits her arrival and the whiskey and conversation both seem to flow endlessly through the bar. Glasses clink and wooden chairs scoot across the floor to position themselves for the evening's entertainment. The bartender pours one final glass of 'redeye' and clears his throat to inform the anxious audience that she is about to take the stage. The tavern's lantern lights grow and the piano player begins a ragtime ballad as the showgirl takes the stage. She saunters and across the room and the only thing that can be heard are her lyrics about Tupelo and sweet tea. Her saloon girl costume captivates once again. She owns the room and the night, and you can too, dressed as an Old West Saloon Girl.

Saloon Girl Costume Ideas and Tips

The wild, wild, west would have probably been a bit more mild had it not been for the saloon on every dust laden corner. And what’s a saloon without a saloon girl? Pretty boring, if you asked us. That’s why we carry a large assortment of colorful, lacey, and sequined dresses fit to transport you back to the glory days of triple x whisky and showdowns at high noon. 

Whether you’re out on the town for a Halloween celebration or playing to the crowd at a themed event, you’ll look stunning in one of our form fitting gowns. They can even double as a speak easy ensemble for those nights when the roaring twenties come a calling. So, dust off your feathers and get ready to ruffle a few of your own by browsing our wide variety of period pieces perfect for a trip down memory lane!

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