Santa Wigs & Beards For Christmas

Christmas wigs and beards may your Holiday costume the best it can be. Santa Claus is known for his long white beard and hair so no Santa Suit is complete without the addition of a Wig and Beard set. Likewise, wigs and beards are also the most common accessory for religious holiday costumes. Order your Christmas beards and wigs online today!

Buy A Santa Claus Beard And Wig Online For Christmas

Santa wigs are always white. Holiday pageant wigs are mostly shades of brown. All of our holiday wigs and beards are long and full. For anyone portraying Santa Claus the Santa wig and beard will easily hide your identity so you can convince even your own kids that you are Santa. The pageant wigs and beards look just like what we recognize from ancient paintings. You'll appreciate the variety of qualities enabling you to find exactly what you're looking for at the price you want to pay. 

Get Your Santa Beard And Wigs Today!

The wigs and beards are made of synthetic hair but look and feel real. They are easy maintain and when properly cared for they be used many times.

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