Sci-Fi Costumes

Go on epic adventures as all kinds of character with our collection of Sci-Fi costumes. You can go to outer space, explore the ocean depths, traverse active volcanoes, and more! Transform into all kinds of characters from robots and mad scientists to aliens and superheroes. Anything you can think of can turn into science fiction action! We have so many science fiction costume options to choose from and at such low prices. Browse through everything on our costume website to see what or who you can be!

Sci-Fi Costume Ideas and Tips

Sci-fi fantasy meets cosplay reality with our affordable science fiction costume collection. These iconic costumes make a wonderful choice for everything from cosplay to Halloween. Host a viewing party with all your favorite sci-fi flicks or dress up just in time for the midnight showing at your local theater! Go for a classic, creepy ensemble with a detailed mad scientist or Predator costume. Or embrace the sexy side of sci-fi with a sultry alien or space warrior ensemble. These sassy duds are out of this world! And don’t worry, the kids can get in on the outer space fun with our children’s sci-fi costumes and accessories. 

Add the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble with our extensive collection of masks featuring everything from aliens to Predators. Gloves, blasters, and goggles will help to create the perfect futuristic aesthetic. Mix and match with your favorite officially licensed horror costumes or other sci-fi franchises like Star Wars to create a group theme that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Shop for your science fiction costumes and accessories online today.

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