Scream Costumes

Wes Craven's Scream is known as one of the best slasher films of all time. It's no wonder Scream costumes for Halloween are so popular. These creepy masks are great for adults and kids looking to make Halloween a scary holiday. With low prices and fast shipping, buying the white screaming Ghostface mask and robe from Costume SuperCenter make for great Halloween outfits. Buy a Scream costume for kids or adults online today!

Horror Movie Statistics [Infographic]

Have you seen Costume SuperCenter's Horror Movie Statistics infographic? If you have, then you know how much Jaws has grossed all-time, and how many horror movies have won the Oscar for Best Picture. If you like the genre or are just a fan of monsters and ghouls and zombies, it's worth your time!

Ghostface Quotegraphic

Don't hang up! This Halloween, you'll see hundreds of people running around in Scream masks, wielding fake knives and wearing dark robes. It all started with the small town slasher known as Ghostface. And he's got some great quotes. Do you know any of them? Check out Costume SuperCenter's Ghostface Quotable Infographic to see if you recognize any for yourself!

Scream Costume Ideas and Tips

Make sure Mr. Ghostface knows you want to be in the sequel and pick up one of these iconic Scream costumes for Halloween or cosplay. He may not have been around as long as Freddy, Michael, or Jason, but this iconic serial killer has become an instant classic and a go-to look for spooky fun. Go for the traditional Ghostface look with a tattered black robe and long, pale mask. Or opt for the updated TV series ensemble with a fisherman’s cape and asymmetrical mask. 

With sizes ranging from children’s to adults, the entire family will be able to haunt the neighborhood as you trick-or-treat this Halloween. Mix and match with our officially licensed costume collections like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th for a spooky group theme. And don’t forget to check out our horror costume accessories like fake blood, bleeding masks, hooks, chains, knives, and more. Order officially licensed Scream costumes and accessories online now.

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