Sexy 50's Costumes

Dip back in time to the golden era of American history with vintage looking sexy 50's costumes. The Fifties is known for it's fashionable, figure flattering styles and will never fail to turn heads with an outfit from this era. Buy a sexy 1950's costume for Halloween or costume party today!

Sexy 50s Costume Ideas and Tips

Buckle your seatbelts ladies, because we’re taking a trip down memory lane with our wide selection of 50s gear for your amusement. We’re talking frill poodle skirts and pink sweaters – the whole shebang. And bang you will, because when you step out your presence will be felt. Whether you’re headed to a themed event or a Halloween party, people will be tickled pink by your blast from the past ensemble. 

We have the 50s house wife look, or maybe you want to give off a more noir vibe? We can do that too! Our selection is meant to get you looking your best without the need for a time machine! So, go ahead girl. Grab your poodle skirt, frizzy sweater, and kitten heels for a college feel, or try a more mature look with a pencil skirt, gloves, hats and glasses to complete the look. Either way, the 50s are calling. Are you woman enough to answer the call?

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