Sexy 60's Costumes

The 1960s were a time of social upheaval, when a hippie counter culture emerged changing people's rights through protest and music. It was a era of peace, love and harmony and this materialized in the groovy fashion synonymous with the times. This Halloween, why not have a gas and adorn one of many psychedelic and sexy 60s costumes offered. Buy a sexy sixties costume online today!

Sexy 60s Costume Ideas and Tips

Any woman who has an affinity for the days of Janis Joplin will definitely enjoy this section of costumes. That’s right, we’re taking a little trip down memory lane to a simpler, although more trippy, time! These Sexy 60s costumes are great in that they embody all of the girl power, give love a chance essence as their original predecessors. We’re talking loud colors, tinted shades, bell bottoms, platform shoes and tie die T-shirts! 

Become the flower child you’ve always known you were deep down inside! Our selection of trippie hippie gear is perfectly catered to do just that. Whether you’re attending a 60s era music festival, hitting the town for Halloween, or just putting together a themed party filled with the music of Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendricks, then these costumes have you covered. So, what are you waiting for? No need to build a time machine. We’ve got everything you need right here!

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