Sexy Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

There are many occasions to consider wearing sexy Egyptian-Arabian costumes. There's really nothing quite like an exotic Mediterranean fashions of the time. Women of means were adorned in fine fabrics and jewels, and they were highly desirable. In ancient times, Egyptian goddesses ruled their countries. Cleopatra was known for her intense sexuality, and Nefertiti was remembered for her fertility. This Halloween, go dress up in a sexy Cleopatra costume or Egyptian goddess outfit. Buy your sexy Egyptian costume on sale now!

Sexy Egyptian/Arabian Costume Ideas

Adorn yourself as a woman of means from the medieval Mediterranean with our large selection of sexy Egyptian costumes. They’re slinky, jewel encrusted pieces of goodness that are perfect for Halloween. Whether you’re looking to go as Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, or another Goddess from Earth, we’ve got you covered. Belly dancing and trick or treating both look a little (or a lot) better dressed in one of these gorgeous ensembles. 

Add accessories like bangles, head scarfs with dangling charms, and black eye liner and you’re good to go. Speaking of which, did you know that Ancient Egyptians were infatuated with make-up? They even had special plates called palettes dedicated to mixing the stuff. This was a culture that revered beauty as holy, and now here you are. Hoping to get something pretty for a themed party or Halloween. We’re thinking that this may be a sign, so browse away. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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