Sexy Scary & Gothic Costumes

Horror costumes long have gotten a bum rap. Bloody ghosts, decaying zombies or frightfully evil serial killers are all scary but they lack what you are looking for - sex appeal. There is a new genre in town and it is one that you can use to wow your friends. Its frightening and sexy at the same time. It's Sexy Horror Halloween costumes! Buy yours today!

Seven Famous Witches [Infographic]

We've all heard scary stories with witches in them, but these seven famous witches are the most well-known. If you're looking to be well known and draw some eyes, maybe a sexy costume is right for you! If witches aren't your speed, there's always the bloodsucking vampires! Or, maybe the classic Wizard of Oz style witch is your speed. Take you pick!

Sexy Scary & Gothic Costume Ideas and Tips

Hey, just because something subscribes to the genre of horror doesn’t mean it has to be hideous. In fact, we carry a wide selection of horror gothic costumes that would prove exactly that. Corpse brides, broomstick riding witches, and evil demons have never looked so good. And neither will you in one of these gorgeous pieces. 

Whether you’re going Halloween bar hopping with the girls or out to a costume party with your handsome devil, heads will turn, and we mean that in the totally, not creepy, exorcist way. You’ll literally, figuratively, make heads spin, is what we’re saying. Gone are the days of ragged old witches. We’ve got ruffles. We’ve got lace. We’ve got leggings and knee-high boots. The only thing you need to decide is whether you’re going to be a good ghoul, or a naughty one. And we suspect that if you’re here you’ve already made your decision.

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