Thought to wield secret, dark and all-encompassing powers, witches have long been associated with dark robes, pointy hats and occasionally, grotesque faces. However, a new take on an old trend is bound to be the hit of any Halloween party. This year, venture out as a tantalizing, fetching, too-hot Wicca with our collection of sexy witch costumes.

Seven Famous Witches [Infographic]

There's something sexy about a woman with power, which is why the tales of these famous witches are so fun to read! If you're looking to spice up your costume with a little more pizzaz, you can! Don't limit yourself, you can be a fairytale witch or something spooky from TV and the movies, too.

Instead of limiting yourself to the classic, occasionally tired look of long black robes and pointed hats, consider adding a splash of color to the mix. It'll give you a sweet, upbeat look sure to speak to a flirtatious, playful you. Try our signature sexy conjurer costume from our collection, for a teasing, mouth-watering hot witch's look. In addition to black, some feature a splash of green, purple or pink for a candy-coated look.

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