Sexy Witch Costumes

Thought to wield secret, dark and all-encompassing powers, witches have long been associated with dark robes, pointy hats and occasionally, grotesque faces. However, a new take on an old trend is bound to be the hit of any Halloween party. This year, venture out as a tantalizing, fetching, too-hot Wicca with our collection of sexy witch costumes. Buy your sexy witch costume today!

Seven Famous Witches [Infographic]

There's something sexy about a woman with power, which is why the tales of these famous witches are so fun to read! If you're looking to spice up your costume with a little more pizzaz, you can! Don't limit yourself, you can be a fairytale witch or something spooky from TV and the movies, too.

Sexy Witch Costume Ideas and Tips

Who says Halloween has to be all about toil, trouble, and crooked nosed witches that want to make it double? Not us, that’s for sure. Gone are the days of ragged old ladies hiding out in trees, poisoning fruits, and cackling under a full moon. And to prove it, we’ve compiled this selection of sexy witch costumes. We’ve got ruffles. We’ve got lace. We’ve got leggings and knee-high boots. 

Whether you’re going out bar hopping with the girls, or hitting a costume party with your significant other, we’ve got just what you need to make yourself stand out. No need for love potions and silly rituals, though, because these gorgeous costumes are bound to cast a spell on more than a few admirers. The only thing you need to decide is whether you’re going to be a good witch or a naughty one. And we suspect that if you’re here you’ve already made your decision.

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