Sexy Occupational Costumes

Let's face it, there are some occupations that men have always fantasized about. For every one of these, there are sexy occupational costumes available. If you're looking for the perfect Halloween costume to turn heads, or even to spice up your love life, you can find a sexy costume to suit your needs. What makes these costumes so hot is that they are different versions of things that men are surrounded by all day. While he may see several nurses, cab drivers, librarians, waitresses, or even mechanics a day, the fun is in making him think about these type of things in a completely different, completely seductive way.

Sexy Nurse Costumes

There's nothing as sexy as a caretaker, so this year on Halloween, wear a sexy nurse costume! Spice up the hospital room (and the bedroom) at the same time! Doctor's orders!

Sexy French Maid Costumes

Get your spring cleaning done in a little bit of a spicier fashion with a French maid costume! You can make things a little more exciting on Halloween or in the bedroom, so buy your French maid outfit today!

Sexy Occupational Costume Ideas and Tips

All work and no play isn’t a criticism you’ll have while wearing one of our many sexy occupational costumes. They’re great whether you’re headed to a themed event or a Halloween party. Don’t worry about punching in or out, though, because we’re sure plenty of admirers will pay enough attention to you. Gather up your girlfriends and do a sexy, all woman rendition of the Village People, or get serious and become a traveling troupe of hot nurses, cops, fire fighters and paramedics out to save your town from boring parties. 

Either way, if you’re looking for sexy –  whether to you that means buttoned down librarian with come hither eyes or hot cop with smoldering red lipstick – we’ve got you covered. How much or how little is your call. You put in the work 5 days a week, isn’t Halloween the perfect time to cut loose and let your costume do the rest?

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