Burlesque Costumes

When you think of Burlesque, you probably think of Dita Von Teese, Betty Paige or maybe even the infamous Gypsy Rose Lee. All strong, powerful women who embraced their sexuality and knew how to leave a man hanging on the edge of his seat. If there is one thing that men and women can agree on, Burlesque is and always will be sexy. Buy a sexy Burlesque costume today!

Burlesque Costume Ideas and Tips

If you believe that sex sells, then our sexy burlesque dancer costumes are a genre you’d totally want to buy into. And why shouldn’t you? We’ve got such a wide selection of gorgeous gear for your costuming needs. Not much is needed to make certain characters sexy – we’re looking at you ladies of Moulin Rouge – but they’re very well known for their sex appeal. 

Why not add a little oomph to, say, a Halloween party? Yeah, we can make that happen! You’ll definitely turn more than a few heads with one of these costumes at your disposal. Cinch up your corset and get ready for a night of bar hopping with your girls, or trick or treating with the kids! So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our large selection of dresses, corsets, and other fun accessories perfectly suited to prepare you for a show stopping night.

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