French Maid Costume

The French maid has long been the source of inspiration for film and fantasy. It is characterized by a black dress and white apron, and can be either conservative or revealing to the point of doubling as lingerie. Time and again, women turn to the genre for a demure, sexy, aim-to-please Halloween look. Our collection of sexy French maid costumes features the racy and the teasing, the shocking and the full-figure pleasing. Buy a sexy french maid costume online today!

Sexy French Maid Costumes

Somebody has to clean and dust this place, and if you're going to do it, you might as well look good! These sexy French maid costumes will help you show off a little skin while you bring your wildest fantasies to light, or make you feel a little sexier at your next Halloween party. You can spice up your life at home with one of these looks, too. Let your imagination take you wherever it wants to go and order your sexy French maid outfit today!

Buy A French Sexy French Maid Costume For Halloween Or For The Bedroom

For a teasing, yet true-to-form look try our ultra-popular French maid costume styles that feature a black flared mini dress with a lacy white petticoat peaking out the bottom. We offer style that are appropriate for wearing to Halloween parties and others that are nothing more than risque lingerie. For a too-hot-to handle outfit, choose one of our sexy black bras trimmed in white lace and accented with bows to go with a matching black skirtlet and g-string. Don't forget the maid's hat and feather duster. Turn heads like never before in this adults-only sexy french maid costume.

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