Sexy Pirate Costumes

Set sail for the high seas in sexy pirate costumes. As a swashbuckling babe, you will leave every scallywag at the party breathless. Men weren't the only ones who sailed in search of treasure and infamy in the Golden Age of Piracy. Ladies also sought adventure on the waves and at exotic ports. Legendary women like Anne Bonny held their own against the male pirates of their day. You can channel these vixens of the seas in knockout getups that will make any buccaneer surrender their booty. Buy a sexy pirate costume today!

5 Legends: Pirates [Infographic]

Even if your goal this Halloween is to look more sexy than true-to-buccaneer form, there are a few fun facts you should know about pirates before you throw that parrot on your shoulder. There's more to swashbuckling than just what you've learned from Pirates of the Caribbean and this 5 Legends about Pirates infographic is a good place for any beginner to start!

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