Sexy Superheroes & Villains Costumes

Sexy superhero costumes abound whether for Halloween or a theme party and none are better at highlighting your super-assets like the ones in our collection. The choice is yours, from classic hero and alter egos to the proverbial nemesis. You can choose from sexy Spider-Woman, to Batgirl and if you are feeling particularly evil, try Poison Ivy. And these are just to name a few. There are no rules with these outfits. Our aim is to flatter and fit, with sex appeal and character authenticity as a top priority, while your only worry should be how much fun you are going to have wearing it. Buy a sexy superhero costume today!

Meet the Avengers [Infographic]

When there’s a threat to planet Earth, everyone knows the Avengers are the superheroes to call. Marvel’s magnificent group of heroes may cause some damage, but they always get the job done, and almost no one looks as good doing it. If you’re looking to make your Halloween or costume party a little more fun, there are plenty of choices with sexy Avengers costumes. Black Widow is everyone’s favorite – who doesn’t love a woman in skin tight spandex who’s as dangerous as she is sexy?  Or maybe you want to show off your inner goddess and give a Thor costume a whole new attitude so you can beat down the bad guys in plate armor and a short skirt. Take on the bad guys, and look good doing it, and be sure to check out this Meet the Avengers Infographic to read up on your costume's sake this Halloween.

Meet the Justice League [Infographic]

There’s nothing as attractive as a woman who can handle herself, and who’s better at handling what’s in front of them than the very sexy Wonder Woman? Whether you’re trying to spice up your look to catch someone’s eye or just make yourself feel sexy, these sexy Justice League costumes have got you covered. Maybe you’re looking to be a more scantily clad version of Batman. Maybe you want to fight alongside your Superman in your own sexy Supergirl suit. So whether you’re trying to spice up your costume or just feel good in what you’re wearing, there’s a way to let out the inner hero in you! Just make sure you brush up on your Justice League intel with this great infographic first!

Sexy Superheroes & Villains Costume Ideas and Tips

Everyone loves a bad girl, but what kind of bad girl are you aiming to be this Halloween? Well, if you’re looking for the epitome of the genre, then we’ve got a large selection of sexy super villains perfect for your needs. We’re talking Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and a heck of a lot more. But every bad girl needs an opposite. 

That’s where our Batgirls and Wonder Woman comes in. Grab a friend and go out as a crime fighting (or starting) duo! Maybe you want to do an opposites thing and see if they really do attract. Good versus evil is a tale as old as time, you know. Either way, you can’t go wrong! Take on comic cons, Halloween parties and themed events in sexy style. The only thing left to decide is if you want to be a good girl, bad girl, or a naughty girl.

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