Shepherd Costumes

Gather up your livestock in any of these Shepherd costumes. There are a number of shepherds in the world who keep the traditional occupation still going. Find all your sheep, lambs, goats, and other farm animals. We have a great amount of quality Shepherd costumes for Halloween or Christmas pageant to pick from. Everything is at an affordable price and perfect for various events.

Shepherd Costume Ideas and Tips

Gather ye flock. Or gather the family to rehearse for the Christmas play. Either way, these shepherd costumes will more than fit the bill. Maybe you’re partial to putting on your very own nativity scene in the front yard on Christmas eve. Or maybe you’re just looking to play an ancient shepherd on Halloween. Well, with our bearded costumes and flowing robes, whatever the look you’re going for is only a mouse click away. Imagine how adorable your little guy will look standing up on stage playing Joseph with a full beard and long flowing locks! 

And when Halloween rolls back around, you can take him out trick or treating as a kind of Little Bo Peep, the only thing you need is a few stuffed lambs to complete the illusion. Wander from house to house asking if anyone has seen your son’s dear Lamby, and when they say no, let them know that that’s ok, but a bit of candy would sure help you all on your journey. Now, that’s how you Halloween like a boss.

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