Shimmer And Shine Costumes

Grant some wishes this Halloween by getting your little ones Shimmer and Shine outfits! Costume SuperCenter's broad selection of costumes gives you all the opportunities you'll need to showcase your love for all things glittering and shining. There are lots of little lovers of those two fun genies out there, so if your little girl is looking to dress up and have fun, you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking to dress as Shimmer in pink or Shine in blue, there's a Shimmer and Shine costume for you! Buy yours today and get it soon with reliable and fast shipping from Costume SuperCenter.

Shimmer and Shine Costume Ideas and Tips

Grant your little girl’s wish this Halloween and bring home a Shimmer and Shine costume for her trick or treating needs! These adorable sets are light and breathable, perfect for walking from house to house and collecting candy. But they’re so cute you’ll want more than a few hours’ worth of pictures! 

But that’s a good thing, because your daughter will love them so much that they will become staples of snack time, bed time, back yard tea parties and any other event you allow them to tag along! Do you know which one is your little girl’s favorite? Shimmer and Shine are a pair of genies in training who grant wishes for their best friend Leah. Shimmer has blue eyes and pink hair and is super optimistic, while shine is very courageous and sports blue hair with purple eyes. Now that you know which is which, choosing the right costume should be a breeze!

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