Sleeping Beauty Costumes

Sleeping Beauty costumes are the perfect Halloween choice if you have you ever wanted to don a tiara, a beautiful satin pink dress, with a regal collar and search for a magical kiss from your Prince Charming? Halloween is the perfect time to let your beauty shine through and become a Disney princess. Disney's Sleeping Beauty costumes come in several styles and an adult one size fits most style. Girls can choose a long pink Aurora gown with gold accents. The frock is created with a gold peplum at the waist. There is a character cameo at the neck line. Another option available is a shorter gold-flecked ballerina dress. A shinier choice is available with a satiny peplum accented by pink rosettes. The adult version of the Aurora Beauty dress sweeps the floor with pink satin. It has a regal white collar and gold lacing accents at the bodice. Of course, some may need a tiara to finish off your enchanting look.

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Disney Princess Box Office Stats [Infographic]

Sorry - Did we wake you? Well, now that you're up... Use this Disney Princess Box Office Infographic to learn more about your favorite Disney Princess movies, how much they cost to make, and how much revenue they brought in. Some of the information in this great, shareable piece might surprise you! Before you look, which movie do you think spent the least amount of money in production? Which do you think was most successful in theaters? There's only one way to find out!

Ariel Costumes

Don't be a poor, unfortunate soul this Halloween. With one of Costume SuperCenter's Ariel Costumes, you'll be well on your way to looking like Prince Eric's love interest, and you won't even have to surrender your voice to do it!

Belle Costumes

No one fights like Gaston, but nobody gets Gaston's attention quite like Belle does. Belle Costumes are iconic looks from the Disney collection, and now you can look just like the classic Princess.

Cinderella Costumes

Keep an eye on the clock - Halloween is closer than you think! Don't let midnight come without ordering the perfect Cinderella Costume. And if you've got an evil stepmother, we've got a few costumes for her, too!

Frozen Costumes

For the first time in forever, you'll be singing songs from Disney's Frozen again thanks to Frozen Costumes. Once you put on one of these great looks, you won't be able to let it go!

Disney Princesses: Five Facts [Infographic]

So you're a Disney fan. But are you a super fan? How much do you know about the eleven official Disney Princesses? Costume SuperCenter put together these fun facts to test even the biggest fans knowledge in this Disney Princess five facts infographic! Give your mind a workout and see how many you know. You might surprise yourself!

Jasmine Costumes

Princess costumes are a staple of every Halloween, and Jasmine Costumes have remained popular throughout the years. This popular character from Aladdin has a classic style, and you can recreate it with one of the available outfits.

Rapunzel Costumes

While some Disney movies are timeless, Tangled has become a new classic. Rapunzel Costumes from Costume SuperCenter will help you copy the style of the movie's protagonist and have you ready for adventure outside your tower.

Snow White Costumes

You don't have to ask a magic mirror what one of the most popular costumes will be this Halloween. Snow White Costumes are always among the most worn, and you can join in on the fun by looking like this Disney icon.

Disney Princess Costumes

Once upon a dream, or once upon a Halloween? Disney Princess Costumes are classics every October, and there's no shortage of them at Costume SuperCenter. Pick from Belle, Ariel or Elena of Avalor, among others to make your day magical!

Sleeping Beauty Costume Ideas and Tips

I know you. I walked with you once upon a dream. Walk upon your own dream with the help of our gorgeous Sleeping Beauty costume collection. Do you prefer Briar Rose’s pink gown? Or Aurora’s blue concoction? Both are available in our selection of enchanting princess dresses. Or mix things up with the officially licensed golden coronation gown. 

With sizes ranging from children’s to adult, you’ll be sure to find an option that suits everyone. Mix and match for a regal family group costume theme. Don’t forget to check out our collection of Sleeping Beauty costume accessories like long, golden curly wigs and matching wands and scepters. Check out our other officially licensed Disney princess costume collections like Rapunzel and Elsa and Anna for a group ensemble with family and friends that really brings the magic. Perfect for Halloween or cosplay, order your Sleeping Beauty costumes and accessories online now.

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