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If you're a hard rock or heavy metal fan, what better way to show it than an elaborate dedication to your musical idols through your Halloween costume? There are a variety of Slipknot masks available for anyone that is a fan of the Iowa based heavy metal ensemble. Even though the band has had 9 members, there are just a few awesome Slipknot costumes available based on the most popular masks.

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The fact that the masks have changed over the years means that you can dress as the same person from a different era. Though the drummer and lead vocalists went on to form side projects no one ever forgets their roots. That's why you can get the mask of drummer Joey in both the traditional white and the more recent gruesome design. With all of these options being official licensed you know that they're of the utmost quality and pay homage to the band in the best way possible.

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The guitarist Mick's mask looks like it is made of metal, but is indeed made of a much less heavy material. You'll be thanking yourself that you didn't wear a metal mask by the end of the night. Consider that they're only on stage for a few hours at a time whereas you may be at your costume party for hours on end. If you want the Mick Mask to look complete you can always buy his signature B.C. Rich Warlock guitar, but a much cheaper way to facilitate this is by making sure you pick up a uniform to tie your whole outfit together. There are also Chris, Sid, Paul, and 133 Masks. Each of these has its own unique design and accurately pays tribute to the band. If you have a group of friends going to a Halloween party this is a great group idea.

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A great idea for anyone into this band is the Slipknot coveralls. The black jumpsuit with iron on decals can help to transform you into one of your favorite musicians in no time. If you want a more elaborate costume, or don't like jumpsuits, you can opt for a shirt with much more elaborate iron on decals. Be sure to pair the jumpsuit with your favorite mask before checking out.

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