Smurfette Costumes

Have a smurfing good time in our Smurfette costumes. All of our items are based on the famous character from the Smurfs cartoon. There have been a few different iterations throughout the series but Smurfette’s style remains unchanged. She is an iconic figure for many. Our selection of Smurfette costumes is the smurfiest around and you’ll agree!

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Smurfs have been around since the 1950’s as a comic strip in the newspaper but it wasn’t until their animated series in 1981 that they became a household name. Smurfette is the lone female in the village but that doesn’t stop her from doing whatever she wants. She is an iconic figure for many childhoods.

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After starring in a few films, even more fans are wanting to dress the part of Smurfette. Pick from a couple of different Smurfette outfits on our website to have the perfect ensemble. It is a great item to wear during Halloween parties, cosplay conventions, and other themed events. Find some other smurfy products in our online costume shop to include with the order!

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