Snow White And The Huntsman Costumes

Sometimes your knight in shining armor may not be a knight or even a prince at all. Sometimes he can be a simple Huntsman, like in the film, Snow White and The Huntsman. Our Snow White and The Huntsman Costume selections include licensed movie costumes for both teens and adults. A Huntsman costume set, designed to look like the outfit worn by Chris Hemsworth, and a Ravenna dress, like the one worn by Charlize Theron, are just two of the choices. We also carry accessories like wigs and swords so you can add-on to your look.

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The 2012 movie Snow White and The Huntsman is a retelling of the classic tale of Snow White. Ravenna is a queen, powerful sorceress and the stepmother to Snow White (Kristen Stewart). Ravenna learns that her stepdaughter is destined to destroy her unless she eats her stepdaughter’s heart. Snow White escapes before Ravenna can do this, so the queen sends her Huntsman out to find her.

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Instead, the Huntsman agrees to escort Snow White to the castle of her childhood friend, William, and his father, Duke Hammond. Along the way, they meet seven dwarfs. After they reach the Duke’s castle, the queen, in disguise, convinces Snow White to eat a poison apple. It is the love of both William and the Huntsman that breaks the spell. When you wear these Snow White and The Huntsman costumes you will cast a spell on everyone in the room. They are all high quality and will make you look great. They are affordably priced too, so you should order today.

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