Snowman Costumes

Snowman costumes symbolize the winter season without pin-pointing a specific religious affiliation making them perfect for use all winter long by all sorts of organizations. From December to February you can wear them for what even purpose you like. They all resemble the classic Frosty with charcoal buttons, a carrot nose and a wintry scarf. Some also have a black top hat. The materials are plush, warm and very comfortable. The quality of all the Snowman mascots on our website makes them stand up to repeated wearing and are easy to clean.

There are Snowman costumes in every price range from foam jumpers to quality Snowman Mascot. Choose yours based on the purpose for which you need it. No matter which one you choose you will be pleased with the fit, quality, comfort and overall look. Adult suits are made to fit most men up to a size large. Before putting it in the shopping cart make sure to check the size chart. If in the event your purchase does not fit, the return and exchange shipping is very easy.

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