Sock Hop Costumes

You can rock it, you can roll it, you can swing it, you can groove it at the hop. Before you head over to the dance, put on a Sock Hop Halloween Costume. We have many selections in sizes for cats and chicks (that’s men and women) as well as kids. Order today online and we will ship it to faster than you can do the twist.

Sock Hop Costume Ideas and Tips

Rock in roll and polka dots come together to introduce you to the sock hop look. Get everything you need to become familiar with the genre from the comfort of your own living room. But what is sock hop, you ask? Easy. It’s just a dance put together for teens that originated in the 50s. Kids would get together (in their socks) and dance the night away. Give some of that nostalgic charm to your next themed party! Let us teach you how to jump and jive and then you wail, yeah? 

Ok, so first, get some great dance music. Something that you can really do the twist to (hint hint). Then, throw on one of our sock hop costumes and accessorize it to taste, then remove you and your guests remove their shoes and proceed to raise the roof! And that’s it. You’re now a sock hopping expert. Now all that’s left to do is order one of these awesome costumes so you can walk the walk!

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