Southern Belle Costumes

You will be charmed, we’re sure, when dressed in a Southern Belle outfit. Head down to the countryside and enjoy the finer things in life. Being a southern belle could mean something different to everyone but you will definitely look your best in any of our costumes. They are all beautiful and perfect for wearing down south.

Southern Belle Costume Ideas and Tips

If you are a lover of the sweet, southern style and are absolutely head over heels for those hoop skirts then you must take a gander at our wide selection on Southern Belle costumes. These unique costumes were popular amongst the southern women in the antebellum era. Featuring wide, hoop skirts and wide, straw hats, these glorious women where indeed southern beauties. 

Perfect for women of all ages, these costume will also make your little belle look stunning at her next historical themed party or costume event. These dresses where often bight in color and would attract attention from far and wide. Men will be lining up by the hundreds, waiting to take their chance at winning over the most beautiful woman in town. Whether you are planning on attending a ravishing, southern house party or just looking for a fun, historical themed costume. These Southern Belle costumes and accessories will bring out the southern hospitality in everyone.

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