Spiders & Webs Props & Decorations

What has eight legs, lots of eyes, is creepy and crawly, and makes people cringe with fear and a little disgust whenever they see one? Of course you guessed a spider. For some, just hearing the word makes people begin to panic, so to exploit this fear in your acquaintances, some Spiders and Web Halloween decorations and props will do the job to your liking.

Freak out is only a start to what people will do if one of the many spiders decorations we have comes into contact with them. Begin your arachnid terror with a few small ones here and there, or if you want a giant creepy crawly to be the first thing guests see upon arrival, use some of the larger props we offer that come with squiggly legs, furry bodies, or big hungry mouths under lots of beady red eyes. There are enough supplies for you to create an entire creepy scheme, which has to be started by hanging tons of webbing in stretchy and tattered white cotton material, or with the help of an awesome glue-like gun that melts out globs of webbing almost like the real thing. Stay true to a classic gag and hang a spider from the ceiling to drop down on an unsuspecting victim or go all out and get a monstrous, monster-sized spider prop to scare your whole block.

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